Demand for bigger houses, rural living and a sense of community

Demand for bigger houses, rural living and a sense of community.

Buyers priorities have changed since the start of 2020 and COVID forcing everyone to reassess what is important for them when it comes to where and how they live.  Buyers are now on the hunt for houses with more space which in a nut shell means that the desire for flats has fallen out of fashion.  Buyers are now focusing attention on larger properties..

There are always trends in the property market and currently it seems that the trend is for larger properties and houses offering more space both inside and outside. With everyone spending more time at home the commute isn’t top of the priority list anymore, according to a recent Rightmove study. There is a want for bigger gardens, easy access to shared green space and public parks and everyone needs good internet, and ideally a home office space.

The other major change in buyer activity is that there is a strong desire to escape to the country. A recent Rightmove survey showed that almost one third of buyers who participated saying that the COVID lockdown has made them want to live in a rural area, and surprisingly one in five first time buyers now want to live rural. Interestingly the survey also showed over half of those surveyed feel that there is now a stronger sense of community in their local area than before lockdown, and this in turn is linked to how happy people are living in an area.

These are really interesting finds which show why there is so much activity within the rural property market at the moment. At Paton & Co we work hard to communicate the sense of community surrounding your home to any potential buyers as we truly believe that people are buying more than just a physical property when they buy there next home. A potential purchaser is buying a lifestyle, a place to exercise, explore and enjoy!

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Source: Rightmove 

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